Fromimprovingequipmentspeed, productivity, reliability andefficiency, to generating significant energy savings or reducing total cost of ownership in many industries, Norgren products offer revolutionary engineering you can count on.

As a respected global leader with a proud history in motion control and fluid technology, Norgren is uniquely positioned to unearth groundbreaking engineering solutions and plays an active role in important industries that contribute to the quality and success of everyday life.

The sectors of activity

Norgren has a thorough understanding of the target industries and a growing reputation in each. We use this knowledge and understanding to implement our solutions in these industries and bring EXCELLENT solutions to more customers.


Industrial automation

The importance of sustainable automation in industrial environments continues to grow. From increasing operational efficiency and system performance to reducing costly downtime, OEMs are looking for innovative solutions to deliver a sustainable future.

In the context of sustainability, many industries are looking for the emissions reduction made possible by industrial automation. Theera of manufacturing automation is here to stay and Norgren is already working to solve today's challenges to bring tomorrow's growth.

Process control

In the process control industries, precision,accuracy and repeatability of critical components continue to drive product selection. Yet more and more OEMs are now looking for solutions to support a sustainable future as well.

Necessary to maintain operational efficiency in extreme environments, including intense temperature and pressure ranges, Norgren already provides industry-leading solutions to enable customers to reduce costs, consume less energy andincrease productivity.



New forms of energy are driving the transportation industry. From hydrogen-powered fuel cells to battery electrification, the race is on to reduce emissions for a net zero future. For OEMs in the commercial vehicle and rail industry, the challenge is to discover innovative solutions for a sustainable future without compromising overall vehicle performance.

Norgren collaborates and innovates to provide cutting-edge solutions to help transportation OEMs unlock a net zero future.

Science of life

Creating a healthier world is critical for life sciences OEMs around the world. From reducing supply chain complexity to decreasing the overall device footprint, life sciences OEMs are innovating medical devices, diagnostics and biotech instrumentation for a healthier future.


Innovation with a purpose means unearthing cutting-edge technologies and system solutions that ensure companies are more efficient, can reduce costs, consume less energy and increase productivity and collaborate with highly motivated start-ups with exciting ideas.


The pressure is on to solve the world's climate crisis. Decarbonization, on an industrial scale, is the way forward to stop the escalating environmental damage.Hydrogen is a clean energy source and has an important role to play in the global energy transition from fossil fuels to cleaner, greener energy sources.

The widespread production and application of hydrogen in industry is an achievable goal. Providing the revolutionary sustainable and innovative engineering needed to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate the climate threat to us all.


Need help with your project?

Norgren products

Our world-class product line has proven its value over the years and is among the most trusted brand names in fluid and motion control. That's why we're able to help our customers solve the world's biggest engineering challenges - reliably, safely and efficiently.


A complete range of high performance pneumatic cylinders.

Often referred to as pneumatic cylinders or pneumatic drives, pneumatic actuators are the products used to impart motion and force to industrial automation applications.

  • ISOLine profile and tie rod cylinders 
  • Cylindrical cylinders
  • Compact cylinders
  • Rodless cylinders
  • Cylinders with guide
  • Rotary actuators
  • Stainless steel cylinders
  • Bellows cylinders
  • Sensors
  • Miniature hydraulic dampers
  • Classic range cylinders


Filters, pressure regulators, lubricators and other air handling components.

Effective air treatment is essential to optimize the performance of your compressed air system. Norgren sets the standard for filters, regulators and lubricators, and our ranges have been market leaders for many years.

  • Pre-assembled air handling units
  • Filters / Regulators
  • Filters
  • Lubricators
  • Pressure regulators 
  • Relief valves
  • Progressive pressurization
  • Stainless steel



    Distributors for industrial applications.

    In industrial automation, valves can be used in simple compressed air control systems or complex fluid control systems.

    • Distribution islands
    • Distributors on subbases
    • Online Distributors
    • Manual/mechanical dispensers
    • Flow limiter
    • Non-return valves



        Solenoid valves for all fluids for industrial applications.

        Fluid control valves are used, as the name suggests, when a fluid flows through the valve. They are found in a wide range of applications from medical to process technology. By "process" we mean the transfer of liquids, solids or both through a system. Not only compressed air, but also other substances such as acids, alkalis, fuel, gas or steam can be used as media.

        • Solenoid valves with differential pressure
        • Solenoid valves without differential pressure
        • Dust removal valves
        • Angle seat valves



                Proportional pressure and flow regulators.

                Proportional valves are sometimes called I/P or E/P converters. They convert a variable current or voltage signal into a proportional pressure output.

                • VP50
                • VP60
                • VP23
                • VP50S
                • VP51
                • VP10
                • 422 Fail Freeze
                • VP12
                • 140 Failsafe


                Pneumatic and manually operated safety valves

                When it comes to security, nothing can be left to chance. That's why Norgren is so valued in this field. They offer safety valves to help you fully meet the requirements of DIN ISO13849-1.

                • Self-monitoring safety valves
                • Self-monitoring safety valves with soft start
                • Safety valves for presses
                • Two-handed operation
                • Locking T-valves



                        A wide range of electronic and electromechanical pressure switches.

                        Pressure switches are used for the automatic control of the pressure level in compressed air systems. But they can also be used for more complex control functions in pneumatic, all-fluid or hydraulic applications.

                        Norgren offers a wide range of simple, robust mechanical pressure switches, including our best-selling 18D series, as well as easily programmable electronic pressure switches.

                        • Electromechanical
                        • Electronics



                                Vacuum pumps, vacuum cups, sensors, vacuum switches and silencers.

                                Vacuum is used in Industrial Automation applications, especially in handling & packaging and in production.

                                Vacuum is mainly used for gripping and holding objects of different shapes and sizes in automation systems without causing damage to the component.

                                The Norgren range includes single and multi-stage vacuum pumps, flat suction cups and bellows suction cups made of both nitrile and silicone.

                                • Vacuum generators
                                • Suction cups
                                • Vacuostats



                                        A wide range of fittings in many different shapes, sizes and materials.

                                        • Fittings: Composite, nickel-plated brass, push-to-connect, compression, miniature, and many other styles.
                                        • Tubes and hoses: Nylon and polyurethane tubes, metal fasteners, tube cutters, everything you need to connect your compressed air circuits.
                                        • Accessories: Norgren's range of accessories includes ball valves, quick couplers, silencers, blowguns and many other products.


                                                The Company Norgren

                                                Norgren is a world leader in motion and fluid control technologies. In applications where precision, speed and technical reliability are essential, Norgren provides high-performance solutions that improve the productivity and efficiency of our customers' equipment.

                                                The objective is to understand the challenges faced by our customers. Our approach is then tocombine products with the expertise of our colloborators to bring high qualitysolutions and services. This allows to improve the performance of our customers' equipment

                                                HIGH PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS

                                                Norgren has manufacturing facilities around the world and technical centers of excellence dedicated to the rigorous development and testing of new products to meet the specific needs of different industry applications. They help improve performance, reduce downtime and energy consumption on production lines around the world. Norgren regularly expands its offering through a program of innovation and new product development.


                                                With an integrated logistics network, Norgren has the systems, processes and support to deliver quality products and excellent after-sales service accurately, reliably and on time, anywhere in the world.

                                                Some catalogs and brochures Norgren

                                                Our goal is to help our customers get the most out of their products by enabling them to reduce total cost of ownership. Norgren's product data sheets, CAD and product configurators are designed to give you the technical information you need to select, install and maintain Norgren products in your application.

                                                The Express Catalog features in-stock products available for quick shipment. These standard products will be perfect for your new industrial automation project or to replace broken or worn parts in your existing applications.

                                                The industrial automation catalog presents Norgren's complete range of high performance products for improving performance and productivity in industrial automation.

                                                This latest edition includes more products and more options. The catalog also contains more technical information to facilitate selection and ordering.


                                                Brochure - Roundline Plus Actuators

                                                Brochure - P-Series NFPA Cylinder

                                                Brochure - Filter/regulator - Lubricatore Combination Units

                                                Brochure - Shut-off Valve

                                                Brochure - General Purpose Filter

                                                Brochure - Electrolysis Solutions

                                                Brochure - Oil Removal Filter

                                                Brochure - IVAC Industrial Cylinder Double Acting

                                                Our team remains at your disposal to discuss your automation project. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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